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Our Services

Our firm is active in both litigation and consulting
and will accompany you reliably to your goal.

Unsere Dienstleistungen

Unsere Kanzlei ist sowohl prozessierend wie auch beratend tätig.

Our Services

We offer advisory and litigation services in the following areas of practice.

An additional essential area of expertise of our firm is in providing legal advice and support to businesses and entrepreneurs. Based on our wide experience in diverse fields of law (Contractual Law, Company Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Company Succession, Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Procedural Law, International Private Law, Energy Law, etc.) we offer proficient assistance in founding companies and in the day-to-day functionings and issues requiring legal expertise.

Businesses and enterprises regularly face legal questions and conflict situations. When this occurs it can considerably impede and even bring to a halt the operations of a company. The prophylactic involvement of our law firm is therefore a wise and invaluable investment.

Through its affiliation with the International Academy for Human Sciences and Culture that draws on over 30 years of experience, Swiss Law Solutions offers the important aspect and possibility of psychological expertise in assessing and resolving legal situations.

The psychology-backed consultancy provided by the Academy includes expertise in mediation, in the development of interpersonal frameworks within a team, in the creation of corporate visions and mission statements, in the development and improvement of team spirit and cooperation, and in innumerable other needs of businesses and individuals.

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